Boat Rentals

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Fuel surcharges: 2 hours $160 / 4 hours $180 / 6 hours $190 / 8 hours $200

  Fuel surcharges subject to charge due to changes in fuel prices, for cancellations/refund information, please see our FAQs page 

Please Watch Our Little Harbor Watersports Safety Briefing At

Tampa Bay is a unique region that offers something for everyone. A world-class fishing destination with 100s of species within reach. Islands, sandbars and waterside dining throughout the area are a short ride from our centrally located marina. Tampa Bay has deep maritime roots with many communities along its shores that reflect and celebrate the rich history. The Bay area’s balance of pristine nature and accommodates to suit any taste makes us the best destination in the Sunshine State. There’s no better way to experience Tampa Bay than by Boat, and nobody puts more people on the water than Little Harbor Watersports. We’re the most professional and respected Boat Rental business in the industry, and we’re here make your day on the water as perfect as possible.

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