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Boat Club

Little Harbor Watersports Boat Club

Please read carefully, based on customer feedback our boat club membership structure has changed to serve you better.  

Boat Club Membership

  • $1499 down + tax  and $199 + tax per month
  • Unlimited usage of all our  Power Boats, Kayaks, and Fishing equipment.
  • No extra charge for fuel

Why Join A Boat Club?

If you’re thinking about joining a club or buying a boat, consider the many “costs” of boat ownership.

  • Purchase Price
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Storage Costs
  • Insurance Costs
  • Repair Costs

On top of these items, your boat usage is also dictated by several other things.

  • Weather
  • Work Schedule
  • Vacation Schedule
  • Family Life
  • Everything else life seems to throw at you that ties up your free time

Your ability to use your boat is reduced with everything that comes along, while the costs of your boat remain the same (or go up!).

Our club saves you money and gives you the ability to use multiple different boats. We offer affordable memberships that won’t break the bank, and will still allow you to go boating and enjoy the water! We don’t use aggressive salesmen or hold contracts over your head. And we don’t rely on our members to buy our boats. Our diversified business model allows us to save you as much as 50% over similar boat clubs.

For Information about Little Harbor Watersports Boat Club call (813)703-1499


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